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Wil saw a homeless man arguing with a tree.

Wil: He was having this fucking full on argument… with a tree. Like, he was so angry with this tree. I don’t know what the tree had done, but—

Dave: Were they arguing about something specific or…

Wil: Well, they weren’t arguing. It was one-sided… the tree could not get a word in.

Dave: Well, you say that, but maybe trees just talk really slow and in like five hundred years it will be like, “No!

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24 Pictures That Prove Pit Bulls Are Nothing but Big Softies

Such dangerous beasts…

Pit bulls were originally bred to be nanny dogs.. that was even their title until people started breeding them to fight.

Awwww babeeeeees

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Chris Hemsworth & Chris Evans at #SDCC Now they’re mirroring each other’s gestures. x


How terrifying is James Spader on set? x